1.3" OLED Dashboard for Xiaomi M365

Next generation dashboard

  • Big and bright 1.3" OLED display available in 2 colors: blue and white
  • Stock-looking black gloss acrylic cover
  • Very easy installation, no soldering needed, all tools included
  • No warranty abuses, no software changes needed
  • Nice and easy user interface with new unique features

New features

On battery trip - no matter how many times you switch scooter on and off, distance is recorded, untill you charge again! Very useful if you don't recharge everyday or you do many shorter trips.

Efficiency riding tips - like and dislike icons show if you keep your average efficiency or maybe you burn too much energy. Motivates to ride smooth and get more range.

Real range calculation - dashboard analyze energy consumption and calculate how many kilometers you have left or how long will be your trip - you can choose what you prefer.

Big OLED display, gloss acrylic finishing

Dashboard cover is made from laser-cut black gloss acrylic, it looks very solid and matches stock cover look. OLED display is very bright and easy readable even on a sunny days.

All new software with graphic interface

New built-in software was created specially created for this dashboard. All informations are presented in clear way, with some help of icons and user-friendly design. Have a look on available screens and on videos in following section.

Home screen with hints on

Home screen with headlight indicator

Riding screen - default mode

Riding screen - big tacho mode

Info screen 1 - est. trip more

Info screen 1 - range mode

Info screen 2

Charging screen


Battery info screen 1

Battery info screen 2

Dashboard disabled

No tools needed, simple and quick installation

Dashboard is ready to installation just right away, all tools are included, you need no more than minute to mount and ride! Watch our instruction video and see how quick and easy it is. No soldering, no software upgrades or downgrades needed.

No tools needed, simple and quick installation

Installation guide

Menu structure overview

Riding demo

Full features list

  1. Home screen
    1. Current trip distance
    2. Current trip time
    3. Battery percentage
    4. Battery temp
    5. Efficiency hints
    6. Headlight indicator
  2. Riding - Big tacho mode
    1. Speed
  3. Riding - Normal tacho mode
    1. Speed
    2. Battery percentage
    3. Current trip distance
    4. Efficiency hints
    5. Headlight indicator
  1. Info screen 1
    1. Average speed
    2. Current trip time
    3. Current trip riding time
    4. Range (distance left)
    5. Trip estimate (battery trip + distance left)
  2. Info screen 2
    1. Battery trip
    2. Battery voltage
    3. Total scooter milage
  3. Charging screen
    1. Battery percentage
    2. Battery voltage
    3. Charging current
    4. Battery capacity
  1. Settings menu
    1. Show hints (on/off)
    2. Big tacho modee (on/off)
    3. Range calc (display range/display est. trip)
    4. Battery stats
      1. Temperature from sensor #1
      2. Temperature from sensor #2
      3. Battery voltage
      4. Battery capacity
      5. Every single battery cell voltage
    5. Cruise control (on/off)
    6. Tailight (Default/Always on)
    7. KERS (Weak/Medium/Strong)
    8. Wheel Size (8.5”/10”)
    9. Disable Dash
      1. Allows perform scooter's software updates

What’s in the box

  • OLED Dashboard
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Plastic cover opener
  • Set of longer screws
  • Button extender
  • Small abrasive fiber

Product specification

  • Base material - PET-G 3D print
  • Front panel material - black gloss acrylic
  • Mounting - 2x M2 screws
  • Connection - high quality spring contacts
  • Width - 40 mm
  • Length - 110 mm

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